Summary of the Society's 2011 Meetings

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Date Title of Talk Speaker
7 January 2011 The 13th Century Manor Gareth King
4 February 2011 The History of the Lace Market Theatre Lorna McCullough
4 March 2011 Annual General Meeting - followed by Keyworth Soldiers in W.W.1 Howard Fisher
1 April 2011 Newstead Abbey Pauline Corby
6 May 2011 Thomas Cranmer Barbara Bradley
3 June 2011 Grace's Diary: The Journal of Grace Jane Dexter 1884 - 93. Life and aspiration of a young teacher in Nott'm & Derbys Rowena Edlin-White
1 July 2011 Codes & Ciphers Part 1 - Secret Writing up to 1918 Mike Corby
August 2011 Summer Break, No Meeting  
2 September 2011 Place Names and Their Origins Dr Paul Cullen
7 October 2011 The Technology of the English Country House Wendy Freer
4 November 2011 House Detectives - Tracing the history of smaller buildings in Nottinghamshire using documentary and architectural clues. Adrian Henstock
2 December 2011 Members Christmas Social- Christmas Victorian Style
Jo Carter