Summary of the Society's 2010 Meetings

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Date Title of Talk Speaker
8th January 2010 'An audience with Sir Ralph Epperstone' Ralph Needham
5th February 2010 'Archaeology in The Trent Valley' Mike Bishop
5th March 2010 A.G.M. followed by 'Linguistic Archaeology' Alan Spooner
9th April 2010 'Hungerhill Allotment Gardens' Mo Cooper
7th May 2010 'The Story of Jesse Boot & the Boots Company' Chris Weir
4th June 2010 'Stanford Hall & Theatre - It's Sectrets Revealed' Pat Oldroyd
2nd July 2010 'The Village of Adbolton' Gerald Fitzpatrick
August 2008 Summer Break, No Meeting  
3rd September 2010 'Dr Robert Thoroton 1623 - 73' Adrian Henstock
1st October 2010 'Georgian Churchyard Art' Ted White
5th November 2010 'In Search of The Green Man' Jean Townsend
3rd December 2010 Members Christmas Social