Summary of the Society's 2009 Meetings

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Date Title of Talk Speaker
9th January 2009 "St Pancras" Nigel Lowey
6th February 2009 "Travellers' Tales, The Changing Face
of Nottingham 1550 - 1750"
Adrian Henstock
6th March 2009 Annual General Meeting
"The Changing Face in Coal Mining"
John Howarth
3rd April 2009 "The Medieval Scribe " Vic Hughes
1st May 2009 "The Changing Face of the Trent" George Wilkinson
5th June 2009 "The Victorian Schoolroom" Keith Blood
3rd July 2009 "The History of British Prisons, from the days of the hulks to the Mountbatten Report" Richard Papworth
August 2008 Summer Break, No Meeting  
4th September 2009 "Lost railways of Nottinghamshire" Geoffrey Kingscott
2nd October 2009 "Footsteps Along the Fosse" Sue Clayton
6th November 2009 "Life in the Workhouse" Wendy Freer
4th December 2009 Members Christmas Social