Summary of the Society's 2006 Meetings

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Date Title of Talk Speaker
6th January, 2006 The Develoment of Amateur Theatre Nationally and Locally
Roy Ainscough
3rd February, 2006 Dissent and Non-Conformity in Villages of the South Nottinghamshire Wolds Howard Fisher
3rd March, 2006 Annual General Meeting
Framework Knitting South of the River
Jack Smurfitt
7th April, 2006 The Medieval Woman
Jean Townsend
5th May, 2006 Sir Thomas Stanhope of Shelford Pam Priestland
2nd June, 2006 The Shire Hall (A Place of Execution and Education)
Paul Baker
7th July, 2006 Newark at the Turn of the 19th Century Michael Cox
1st September, 2006 Lost Country Houses of Nottinghamshire Jean Nicholson
6th October, 2006 Clifton: The House and Family Ann Bloomfield
3rd November, 2006 From Keywoth to Clumber; Emigrants to South Africa 1820 Bob Hammond
1st December, 2006 Members Christmas Social