Summary of the Society's 2005 Meetings

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Date Title of Talk Speake
7th January, 2005 The Time Has Come
(A brief history of the evolution of the calendar)
Paul Roebuck
4th February, 2005 Local Geology and Its Influence on Local Development Dr Andy Howard
4rd March, 2005 History of Postcards Brian Lund
1st April, 2005 Wollaton Hall & Park
(A History of the Hall, Park and Village)
Tim Freston
6th May, 2005 The Battle of East Stoke David Marcombe
4th June, 2005 Pests of the Parish
(Anglican Choir Bands in the East Midlands 1700 - 1900)
Kate Holland
1st July, 2005 From Bombs to Butterflies (The Context) Margaret Lawson
2nd September, 2005 Plumtree to Sarawak Margaret Wright
7th October, 2005 George Mellor and the Luddites David Mellor
4th November, 2005 Little-Known Leicestershire and Rutland Bob Trubshaw