Summary of the Society's 2004 Meetings

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Date Title of Talk SpeakeR
2nd January, 2004 "The History of English Wine"
Tony Skuriat
6th February, 2004 "The Molekats of Keyworth" Richard & Catherine Pincott
5th March, 2004 "Hot Liquid Pleasure (the history of tea, coffee & chocolate) " Carol Allison
2nd April, 2004 "Local Geology & It's Influence on Local Development" Dr Andy Howard
7th May, 2004 "The History of 19th Century Ruddington from the Census" Val Clarke
4th June, 2004 "The Keyworth Framework Knitting Industry (the role of I.R. Morley " Proffessor Stanley Chapman
2nd July, 2004 "The Women's Suffrage Campaign " Margaret Rizk
3rd September, 2004 "Nottingham Underground" Keith Barton
1st October, 2004 "The Nottingham In the Civil War" Dr Martyn Bennett
5th November, 2004 "Keyworth's Village Hall" Erl Annesley