Summary of the Society's 2003 Meetings

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Date Title of Talk SpeakeR
3rd January, 2003 "Raleigh Cycles "
Chris Millidge
7th February, 2003 "Radical Nottingham" Professor John Beckett
7th March, 2003 "Beginnings of Methodism in Relation to Keyworth " John Atkins
4th April, 2003 "Rushcliffe Villages (Views, Curiosities & Little-Known Places)" Geoffrey Oldfield
2nd May, 2003 " Bingham (A Historical Account of It's Developement) " Val Henstock
6th June, 2003 "Grantham Canal (Past, Present & Future) " Christopher Tizzard
4th July, 2003 "The History of Bunny Old Wood" Chris Terrell-Neild
5th September, 2003 "Researching Family History" Margaret Wright
3rd October, 2003 “Coal Mining in the Notts Coalfield” Colin Griffin
7th November, 2003 "Nottingham's Victorians" Margaret Harrison