Summary of the Society's 2002 Meetings

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Date Title of Talk SpeakeR
4th January, 2002 "The History of Nottingham's City Hospital" Paul Swift
8th February, 2002 "Reputations, Registrations & Rationing (Shopping from both sides of the counter) " Sue Clayton
8th March, 2002 "Anglo-Saxon Burials at Willoughby on the Wolds" Keith Barton
4th April, 2002 "The Magic of the Fair (A brief history of fairs & Goose Fair) " Kenneth Kirk
3rd May, 2002 "Plumtree Past & Present" Sheila Leeds
7th June, 2002 "Cinemas Remembered" Ron Staten
5th July, 2002 "What's In a Name (Locomotive names, naming ceremonies and stories behind the names) " David Newton

6th September, 2002

"Plants That Changed History" David Charles
4th October, 2002 "On The Buses (remember trolley buses, back-enders & clippies?) " Peter Hammond
1st November, 2002 "House Detectives (tracing the history of smaller buildings in Nottinghamshire) " Adrian Henstock